May 23rd - June 3rd

Portobello Quinoa Cakes (vegetarian)    

    quinoa, portobello mushroom, and dried cranberry cakes served over
    black bean purée, topped with roasted corn and black bean salsa and
    poblano sauce, served with tomato and cucumber salad         24.00


French Cut Grilled Chicken

    negra modelo marinated grilled chicken breast, served with chipotle
    sweet potato purée and sautéed spinach, finished with a serrano
    tomato sauce                                                                                   27.00

May 2nd - 13th

Beef Brisket Tacos     

    slow roasted oven smoked beef, served in corn tortillas with green
    cabbage, cured red onions, and avocado salsa verde, with a side of
    Mexican red rice                                                                            25.00

Enchiladas de Mole Poblano (contains nuts)

    pulled roasted chicken rolled into corn tortillas and topped with a
    three-day mole, crema, queso fresco, sesame seeds, and edible flowers,
    served with Mexican red rice                                                        27.00

New York Cheesecake

    a traditional NY style cheesecake drizzled with raspberry purée, and
    finished with whipped cream                                                        10.00



April 11th - 29th

Beef Brisket Tacos     

    slow roasted oven smoked beef, served in corn tortillas with green
    cabbage, cured red onions, and avocado salsa verde, with a side of
    Mexican red rice                                         25.00


Flautas con Papas (vegetarian)

    creamy mashed potatoes whipped with shallots and garlic, rolled
    into crispy flour tortillas, topped with queso fresco, avocado salsa,
    and crema fresca, served with black beans                                 22.00

March 28th - April 8th

Salmon Burger     

    Chef’s house made salmon patty (cilantro, ancho chile, lemon pepper)
    on a Kaiser roll with queso Oaxaca, crispy onions, mango salsa, chipotle
    aïoli, lettuce and tomato, served with sweet potato fries         24.00

Quinoa Chile Relleno

    a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with quinoa, dried cranberries,
    white mushrooms and tomato, topped with queso Oaxaca, crema,
    and edible flowers, finished with a chipotle tomato sauce, served
    with black beans                                                                              23.00

March 14th - 25th

Skirt Steak Tlayuda     

    a crispy Oaxacan whole wheat tortilla topped with refried beans,
    shredded cabbage, queso Oaxaca, crema fresca, baby heirloom
    tomatoes, avocado, and skirt steak, served with spicy salsa morita

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

    julienned chayote, carrots, zucchini, and onions, rolled in crispy
    flour tortillas, served over a chipotle-red pepper coulis, finished
    with mâche greens and served with black beans                       22.00

March 1 - 11th

Taquiza Platter     

    six crispy flour tortilla tacos, two with papas con chorizo, two with
    tinga de pollo, and two with carne al carbon, all finished with
    shredded lettuce, avocado sauce, and cotija cheese, served with
    yellow rice                                                                             26.00


Pork Carnitas Michoacanas

    Chef’s classic braised pork, served with cilantro rice, black beans,
    guacamole, and corn tortillas                                                26.00

Valentines Day Specials

Costillas en Salsa Verde     

    pork ribs in a 2 day, white mushroom salsa verde (Orea family recipe)
    topped with fried cilantro and served with spicy black beans enchilados
    and soft corn tortillas                               26.00

Quesadilla de Vegetales

    grilled zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, and onions, Oaxacan cheese, and
    black bean spread in a flower tortillas, topped with smoky guajillo crema
    and salsa de pepino (cucumber)                                                   24.00                                         

Double Chocolate Brownie

    topped with chocolate sauce, brandy marinated strawberries, whipped
    cream, and citrus almond clusters                                                12.00

February 1st - 11th

Enchiladas de Puerco

            slow roasted pulled pork enchiladas topped with mancha-mantel sauce

            (guajillo, ancho, pineapple), queso fresco, crema fresca, and edible

            flowers, served with Mexican red rice                                                  25.00


Red Snapper Yucateco

            snapper filet steamed in a pouch with achiote citrus sauce, tomatoes,

            red onions, and fried plantains, served with Mexican red rice


January 17th - 28th

Filet Mignon    

    a grilled filet mignon with bordelaise sauce, served with huitlacoche
    (Mexican truffle) mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus       32.00


Salmon Potato Casserole

    sautéed salmon with tomatoes, onions, spinach, and corn in a cream
    sauce, topped with a potato crust baked to crispy perfection, served
    with a side of house rice (20 min cook time)                                   26.00

January 3rd - 14th

Roasted Chicken Flautas    

    shredded chicken rolled into crispy flour tortillas, topped with avocado
    relish, crema fresca, queso fresco and avocado salsa verde, served with
    red Mexican rice                                                                              23.00


Beef Barbacoa Tlacoyos

    two corn masa boats stuffed with black beans and topped with shredded
    barbacoa beef, crema fresca, queso fresco, shredded lettuce and spicy
    salsa morita, served with red Mexican rice                                 24.00