November 9th - 20th

Chile Relleno de Chorizo y Frijole    

    a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with spicy Mexican sausage and
    black beans, crusted in beer batter, and finished with salsa ranchera,
    and cilantro crema fresca, served with house rice                     23.00


Tamal con Camarones

    a Michoacán style, fresh corn tamal served with grilled shrimp and
    finished with crema de elote (creamed corn sauce), fried spinach
    and sour cream                                                                              24.00

Dia de los Muertos / Halloween Specials

Pozole Rojo con Puerco    

    Oaxacan style chile pulla broth with shredded pork and hominy, served
    with sides of chopped red onions, dried oregano, lime wedges and
    two mini refried bean and cheese tostadas                                23.00


Filet Mignon en Salsa Morita

    a pan-seared filet served over grilled asparagus and huitlacoche mashed
    potatoes, finished with a spicy salsa morita                               28.00

October 12th - 23rd

Grouper con Pipian Verde (contains nuts)    

    a pan-seared filet of grouper served over jalapeño cornbread and
    sautéed spinach, finished with pipian verde (tomatillo & pumpkin
    seed sauce)                                                                                       25.00


Empanadas de Puerco con Mole Poblano (contains nuts)

    ground pork and assorted fruits in three crispy pastry pockets,
    served over mole poblano and topped with crema fresca, black
    bean & roasted corn salsa, queso cotija, and edible flowers, served
    with red Mexican rice                                                                       23.00

September 28th - October 9th

Cazuela de Salmon (Shepherd’s Pie Style)    

    salmon, red onions, corn, and poblano peppers sautéed in a shallot
    lobster cream sauce, served in a skillet and topped with a garlic mashed
    potato crust, finished with fried cilantro                                    25.00


Enchiladas de Vegetales

    grilled broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini rolled in two corn tortillas
    and topped with salsa verde, crema fresca, and queso fresco, served
    with house rice                                                                                21.00

September 14th - 25th

Chipotle BBQ Beef Tacos    

    two crispy flour tortillas stuffed with shredded beef in chipotle BBQ
    sauce and finished with queso cotija and pico de gallo         10.00


Red Snapper Tacos     

    pan-seared red snapper filet in soft corn tortillas with guacamole,
    queso fresco, and salsa ranchera, served with Mexican red rice and
    watercress salad                                                                              25.00


Sirloin Steak

    a marinated 14oz sirloin steak, served with chipotle mashed sweet
    potatoes, sautéed spinach, and finished with tamarind pasilla sauce
    and sautéed endive                                                                         28.00

Mexican Independence Day Specials (Aug 31st - Sept 11th)

Chile en Nogada (contains nuts)    

    a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef and pork, peaches,
    pineapple, pears, onions, and tomato, topped with Nogada sauce
    (walnut and mixed cheese cream sauce), finished with pomegranate
    seeds and parsley, served with Mexican red rice                       25.00


Enchiladas de Pollo Mole Poblano (contains nuts)

    roasted and pulled chicken rolled into corn tortillas and smothered
    in Chef’s famous Mole Poblano sauce, topped with crema, queso cotija,
    avocado, and red onion, served with Mexican red rice             23.00

August 17th - 21st

Tacos al Pastor     

    uncured ham marinated in al pastor sauce, served in soft yellow corn
    tortillas with grilled pineapple pico de gallo and spicy salsa pulla, served
    with Mexican red rice                                                                     22.00


Tlacoyos con Carne

    grilled skirt steak served over tlacoyos (masa boats filled with black
    beans) topped with shredded lettuce, avocado salsa verde and queso
    fresco, served with Mexican red rice                                           24.00

August 3rd - 7th

Enchiladas de Puerco (contains nuts and seeds)    

    shredded roasted pork rolled in corn tortillas finished with a mole
    de pasilla and toasted sesame seeds, served with refried black beans
    topped with crema fresca, queso fresco, and scallions             22.00


Shrimp Flauta-changas

(halfway between a chimichanga and a flauta!)

    shrimp sautéed in tinga salsa (tomato, onion, chipotle), wrapped in
    crispy flour tortillas and served over a poblano cream sauce with
    spicy jicama salsa and a side of house rice                                  24.00

July 13th - 24th

Calamari Salad    

    yellow cornmeal crusted calamari rings, chorizo croutons, orange
    segments, and cured red onions, tossed with California frisée in a
    chipotle orange vinaigrette                                                           18.00


Ropa Vieja

    a classic Cuban dish with shredded beef, red and green peppers, onions,
    and olives, served with tostones (crispy green plantains) and white rice

June 29th - July 3rd

Pork Chop con Tamal en Mole Verde (contains nuts)    

    a grilled lollipop pork chop served with a black bean tamal and sautéed
    spinach, finished with a tomatillo-pumpkin seed mole (allow for extra
    prep time)                                                                                        28.00


Shrimp Enchipotlados con Enfrijoladas

    shrimp sautéed in a chipotle sauce served over soft corn tortillas and
    enfrijoladas (black beans with longaniza sausage), finished with crema,
    cotija cheese, fried leeks, and avocado slices                              26.00